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A Timeline History of “Lott II,” Now Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center

April 27, 2018

“Lott II” was one of the 25 parcels of land sold by lottery to Ridgefield’s founding families in 1708. For most of its history, Lott II comprised today’s 132 and 152 Main Streets*mdash;now Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center.

1713After several real estate “flips,” Benjamin Hoyt becomes owner; he dies in 1759.
1769Hoyt’s son, David, sells the property to his nephew, Timothy Keeler.
1815Timothy Keeler dies, leaving the property to children; son William and daughter Anna become owners.
1827William dies; his share is ultimately conveyed to Anna, who marries Abijah Resseguie in 1829.
1887Abijah dies, leaving property to daughter Anna Marie.
1907Anna Marie sells 12.3-acre property to renowned architect Cass Gilbert and his wife Julia.
1956The property is sub-divided; the parcel that becomes 152 Main Street is transferred to Gilbert granddaughter Julia (Judy) Post Bastedo.
1957Surviving Gilbert daughter Emily sells tavern property at 132 Main Street to Vernon and Glenna Welsh.
1958Judy Bastedo sells 152 Main Street property to Dr. Robert Mead.
1966Welshes sell historic tavern property at 132 Main Street to Keeler Tavern Preservation Society; museum opens on July 4.
2016Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center re-acquires 152 Main Street property.

The tavern property was owned by members of the same family (Keeler/Resseguie) for 138 years. The tavern property was owned by the same two families (Keeler/Resseguie and Gilbert) for 188 years.